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November 14, 2020, will mark three years since the founding of Kindaris Pictures. I, Adrienne, the founder would like to take this early opportunity to thank you for your likes, your shares, your listens, and your views! Additionally, I would like to use this space to promote more ways to support Kindaris Pictures.

You can purchase merchandise from the Kindaris Pictures Shop, or you can make a donation through two platforms: PayPal and Ko-Fi. These two platforms serve special purposes. PayPal: Funding from PayPal and Kindaris Pictures Shop sales go straight to the maintenance of Kindaris Pictures' website, business taxes, and equipment purchases (ex: SD cards, flash drives, etc.).

Ko-Fi: Funding from Ko-Fi goes to the "aesthetic" of Kindaris Pictures (costuming and set design for YouTube videos and short films). Ko-Fi donations would also be used for needs related to Kindaris. Specifically: submission fees into screenwriting contests, book purchases, and access to newspaper archives, historic records, and other archival documents behind a paywall.

Links to these platforms are also available on the Home page.

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