Kindaris Pictures Podcast: Season Two Masterpost

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"Anita Bush and Her Players" (Episode 1) - This episode pays tribute to Anita Bush, founder of what would later become known as the "Lafayette Players" - a launching pad for some of American Cinema's first Black performers. "Julia: Good Show, Bad Time?" (Episode 2) - A review of the first two episodes of Julia, starring Diahann Carroll, and a discussion of its current relevance and impact. "Eartha Kitt Remembrance" (Episode 3) - We remembered Eartha Kitt on the 11th anniversary of her passing (December 25, 2008). "100 Years of Within Our Gates" (Episode 4) - January of 2020 marked 100 years since the theatrical release of Oscar Micheaux's pioneering film, Within Our Gates. We talked about the film's impact and relevance. Oscar Winner, James Baskett (Episode 5) - We paid tribute to the first Black man to receive an Oscar (an Honorary one), actor and singer, James Baskett. Louise and Fredi: The Forgotten Contenders (Episode 6) - Learn about how Black media publications campaigned for Louise Beavers (and Fredi Washington) to be recognized by the Academy for their performances in Imitation of Life (1934). "Play It, Hazel" (Episode 7) - Did you know that jazz pianist, Hazel Scott, almost played the role of "Sam" in Casablanca? "Another Dandridge" (Episode 8) - In this episode, we paid tribute to entertainer Vivian Dandridge (sister of Dorothy, daughter of Ruby). "Who Needs to Remember Scarlett?" (Episode 9) - In response to the never-ending suggestion that offensive art should be left as it is so that we "don't forget", the host personally poses the questions: "Who needs help remembering?" "Sammy's Little Sister (Finale)" - In the season finale, we pay tribute to unsung child actress, Dorothy Morrison (later Dorothy Morrison Green). She appeared in a few Our Gang shorts and the 20th Century film, Hearts in Dixie (1929). This podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Stitcher, Overcast, and RadioPublic!

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