Diahann Carroll: Truly iconic.

I cannot tell you where I was and what I was doing the first time I saw Diahann Carroll on my screen. Was it that episode of Touched by an Angel? Having Our Say? Eve's Bayou? The Sally Hemings movie? Jackie's Back?

I truly cannot remember. Like a family member - Diahann Carroll has just always been there. Always on my screen.

Yesterday, we learned that the legendary entertainer, Diahann Carroll, lost her battle to cancer at the age of 84. Some people you just expect to live forever. For me, she was one of those people.

I'm still speechless. I don't even know why I'm writing this post. What more could be said about the woman who torched screens and stages with such grace, pride, and confidence? What do you write about a woman known for bringing a LIST of iconic characters to life? Julia. Claudine. Eleanor, Big Red slapper. Dominique Devereaux. Elzora. Marion Gilbert. The list goes on and on.

Women like Madame Sul-Te-Wan, Nina Mae McKinney, Ethel Waters, Hattie McDaniel, Lena Horne, and Dorothy Dandridge blazed a trail for Diahann Carroll. She ran the trail like an Olympian and made sure she held up a torch for those behind her, beside her, and waiting for way up ahead.

Thank you, Ms. Carroll. Get your rest.

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