Kindaris Pictures Podcast: Season One Masterpost

The Kindaris Pictures Podcast is a bi-weekly show about the Black experience in Old Hollywood. This post gives you easy access to every episode in Season One (April 2019 - October 2019). The Kindaris Pictures Podcast is available on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Breaker, Overcast, and RadioPublic.

Ep. 1: "Mildred Washington: A Life Cut Short" In the first episode, your host, Adrienne Warren, talks about the Long Beach Earthquake of 1933 - and one of the lives it claimed - that of 28-year actress/dancer, Mildred Washington. Ep. 2: "Hallelujah, We Speak Your Names!"

In episode two, Adrienne pays tribute to the mostly forgotten performers of a landmark film, Hallelujah!, released in 1929.

Ep. 3: "Hub of Black Los Angeles: The Dunbar Hotel" Harlem had the Hotel Theresa, Los Angeles had the Dunbar Hotel - a place where African-Americans could go to socialize and be grand. Learn more about it.

Ep. 4: "The Interesting Tale of THE GREEN PASTURES" A review and discussion of The Green Pastures - the 1936 film whose reception seemed to wax and wane over the years...

Ep. 5: "No. They Weren't Friends."

"Better treatment" has long been viewed as "equal" and "fair" treatment when we reflect on employer/domestic employee relationships on the big and small screen. Ep. 6: "Kindaris Pictures: An Origin Story" Adrienne tells the very personal story of how Kindaris Pictures was established.

Ep. 7: "Ben Carter: Central Avenue Selznick"

Learn about the life and career of Ben Carter--actor and talent agent to the Black stars.

Ep. 8: "I Want You to Be My Baby, But the Casting Director said 'No'."

In this episode, Adrienne talks about The Ronettes' screen debut that almost was...

Ep. 9: "Thanks, Donald Bogle!"

In this episode, Adrienne pays homage to the legendary and pioneering historian and author, Donald Bogle.

Ep. 10 (Finale): "The (Black) Women: Season Finale" The Black characters of The Women (1939) get their own storyline!

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