"Sunday Morning" - A Short Script

For almost two years now, I've been navigating my soul through tarot. Of course, this style of navigation is in addition to a lifelong love for creative writing. I listen to readings from others and do them for myself. I've taken a deeper in astrology, as well. I feel at home with it all.

Before I began utilizing the cards I'd already grown up with a great sensitivity to certain energies. This should come as no surprise to those close to me, especially my family. For if anything, my sensitivities are inherited. I just express and explore them differently. And I know that this may/can cause a riff.

No one has approached me for my use of the tarot or deep interest in astrology (and I admit, I've also been subtle in my sharing) but I'm certain that things have been said to others. I know who will and won't frown upon it. Sunday Morning is a screenplay I wrote that explores the inner and outer conflict of my interests as a Black woman who grew up in "the Church". Right now, it is still just a screenplay, but I hope to start producing it very soon. Please enjoy this very rough look at Sunday Morning:

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