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The Kindaris Pictures Podcast is a bi-weekly show. It is recorded live on Twitch on Wednesday nights (7:00 PM EST) and makes its way to Anchor and other podcast platforms (including YouTube) on Sundays at 11AM EST.

Season One
Episode One
Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four (Audio|Video)

Episode Five (Audio|Video)

Episode Six (Audio)

Episode Seven (Audio)

Episode Eight (Audio|Video)

Episode Nine (Audio |Video)

Episode Ten (Finale)


(Season 1)

8/25 - Seven
8/28 - Eight (Twitch)

9/1 - Eight (Anchor)
9/11 - Nine (Twitch)
9/15 - Nine (Anchor)

9/25 - Ten (Finale) (Twitch)

9/29 - Ten (Anchor)