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PO Box 34501 
North Chesterfield, VA 23234
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The founder of a Kindaris Pictures is African-American, a woman, a Millennial, and a self-proclaimed classic entertainment enthusiast. Of course, classic films are a component of the classic entertainment she loves. The elements of her being make her prone to noticing negative portrayals of the people who look like her in classic movies. Of course, none of us can journey to the past to rectify things. However, Kindaris Pictures' is dedicated to producing films that recapture the essence of classic Hollywood filmmaking--with black and brown faces appearing on the other side of the lens.



Kindaris Pictures was registered as a business in November 2017. If you are moved to contribute to the building up of this company, please do so by clicking the PayPal 'Donate' link below. All donations will go to the building of Kindaris Pictures.


As of August 2019, I, (Adrienne, the founder) am working to get the company's name "out there" and am raising funds to: Maintain this website, the podcast, and of course, to produce short films I've written! Any contribution would be helpful and nothing short of a blessing. Thank you in advance! --Adrienne